A Bloody Drunken Mix !

Howdeeeeeeee y'all !!!
I hope you all had a good summer ! (or winter if you're living on the other side of the world). Mkay, summer's almost gone !
First of all, the good news of September is...
the new album 'Every Goddam Thing To Hell' is coming ! Crazy.
We're actually working on the new website as well, to welcome the new baby as it should be.
You stay tuned !!!

ok, & I've actually found the time to make this drunken mix during one lost hour !
Damn right, it's a bloody DRUNKEN mix ! Yep, not a mix with only songs about booze (some of you out there did that brilliantly for a few past occasions), but about songs & noises you might hear when you're actually spaced out, & songs & noises you might sing/shout when you're not totally yourself !
And don't deny it !
(ok, humbly, I did the whole thing, that's why I choose those specific songs hahaha)

Awright ! Enjoy !
And bloody hell, next month is Halloween !!!!

Yours truly,
Frostula (hiccups)

Rev. Frost Presents...A Bloody Drunken Mix ! (54:27)
Tracklist :
01.A Klingonesque Intro
02.The Challengers - Mark Of Zorro
03.Jackie Powers - New River Train
04.Stan Freberg Interlude
05.Kalyanji Anandji - Title Music
06.Big Daddy & The Little Sisters - Daddy Frog
07.Johnny Halliday - Ma Guitare
08.Bloodshot Bill - Day I Die
09.Gary U.S. Bonds - Minnie The Moocher
10.Bob Moore & His Orchestra – Mexico
11.The Three Suns – Fever
12.Dorsey Burnette - Hard Rock Mine
13.The Fifth Estate - Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead !
14.Tiny Tim - I Got You, Babe
15.Nero & The Gladiators –Tovaritch
16.Jimmy & Johnny - I Can't Find The Door Knob
17.Little Richard - The Captain Calls for You
18.Tom Waits & John Lurie - World of Adventure
19.The Challengers – Mr. Rebel
20.The Temple City Kazoo Orchestra - Kazooed On Klassics
21.The Disney Chorus - Pink Elephants On Parade
22.Carl Perkins - Lend Me Your Comb
23.Hanging Johnny - Hanging Johnny
24.Les Baxter - Shooting Star


'Please no, don't start to sing'
'mmmmmm no, instead, I will make a mix'

And if you're still up after this, please go say hi to my pals at Leisure.
It's worse than being drunk, it's PSYCHE !


maud said…
THANK YOU, brother T! Blessings and a lot of churchy opportunities
Reverend Frost said…
Muchas Gracias Sista !
Hell yeah, 2011, you watch out !
Mighty 45 said…
Thy Rev', santé!
Reverend Frost said…
Sláinte !
mt (surfkraft) said…

... as we say in Germany. ;-)

And thanks for the wonderful mix!
Reverend Frost said…
Ein Prosiiiit Ein prosiiiit
Danke Schön !!!
mike said…
a hell of a mix!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the mix
Reverend Frost said…
my pleasure !
Anonymous said…
ha! the rev is on top form I see.
Count at least one sending of you cd in Austria when it's out !
Reverend Frost said…
Danke schon ! (Bis)
Thank-You Son, you know your Mother, the "Wasp Woman" and I, have almost patched things up, and one day, I hope we'll all get together agaain to celebrate this joyous occasion!!!!
Reverend Frost said…
"Well, you can call it male intuition if you like...except there's something about this whole business that doesn't smell right...
A private laboratory!
A secret experiment!
Zinthrop himself!
The only thing missing is a genie with a lamp!"
-Bill Lane-

Anytime !
Anonymous said…
Hanging Johnny ! Top !
thanks to you, I've just bought the cd !
KB Jardin said…
Putain, c'est bon !!!!
Merci Reverend.
Reverend Frost said…
Cheers !
Anonymous said…
Nicolas Marti said…
Love it! A question for you, Tom: I'm getting married and would love a Bloody Wedding Mix to play. Can you help me out?
Yes, yes, yes and more yes. Very awesome stuff thank you so much for spreading the word and rockin' at the same time.
Anonymous said…
Hello Reverend
bon alors il sort quand cet album ??
c'est que je suis impatient, sacrebleu !!
au fait j'espère que il y aura une sortie physique !! Cheers !!
Thierry from Nantes
Reverend Frost said…
Nicolas! Send me an email, I'll see what I can do !
Rockabilly Sista! Thank you very very much too !
Thierry! Novembre si tout va bien, et voui, un vrai alboume avec de vrais morceaux de plastique, un vrai label, de vraies compos (13 quand même), qui va couter des vrais euros et tout et tout ! Merci !
buzz said…
It took me a while to get the chance to listen to this, but man, wotta great mix! You rock, Rev!
Reverend Frost said…
Thaaanks Buzz !

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