A Bloody Love Mix, Part 2 !

Awoooooooo Ladies & gents !!!!

It's good to see you again on this part of the interweb !
Well, to start this new year on the good foot (what? already February? Sorry, I think I fell asleep on the couch and must have rolled off !) and in addition to Valentine's day that's coming in a few days, yep folks, here's your bloody love Mix, Part 2 !
Love ! Hate ! Treason ! Love ! Hate ! Prison ! Love ! Love ! Mistakes ! Love !
pheeew, I'm already exhausted.
Yes ! Love !
And as always, it's dedicated to all my brothers & sisters out there, all the good folks I've met or not, well, you got the picture, it goes straight to you all, and especially you the girl in red, oh you ! in white too! you ! in black too ! well, errrrr, to y'all !
And yes, the mix does has some hidden messages, some running gags (Elvis baby, Elvis !), more running gags, and a lot of twistin' & shakin' & bumpin' tracks !
Hope you'll like it ! And if you don't, I love you anyway !!!
See you saaaaooooooon !

Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Love Mix, Part 2 ! (61 :59)
Tracklist :
01. The Cramps - Love Me
02. The World Famous Upsetters - I'm In Love Again
03. Ronnie Love – Chills And Fever
04. Lavern Baker – Bumble Bee
05. Mickie Most & His Playboys - That's Alright
06. The Mustangs - Baby Let Me Take You Home
07. The Righteous Brothers - Turn On Your Love Light
08. Johnny Cash - Ring Of Fire
09. The Wild Ones - Lord Love A Duck
10. Etta James - Tough Lover
11. Benny Joy - Wild Wild Lover
12. Elvis Presley - I Love Only One Girl
13. Roy Hamilton - So High My Love
14. Bracey Everett - The Lover's Curse
15. Shouting Thomas Torment - Bursting Love
16. Billy Fury - Wondrous Place
17. Little Willie John – I’m Shakin’
18. Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs - Ring Them Bells
19. Otis Redding - Don't Be Afraid Of Love
20. Jackie Wilson - That's Why (I Love You So)
21. Renato Carosone - 'O Sarracino
22. Irving Aaronson & His Commanders - Let's Misbehave
23. Ric Cartey - Let Me Tell You About Love
24. Wild Man Fischer - Young At Heart


And this is a rare shot of a happy couple listening to this mix.


Sue said…
I'll quote you on this one :
Backatcha rev, love !
Mighty 45 said…
chills & fever while listening Rev'!


thx for sharing!
Mikey said…
Thank you rev, it's awesome.
Anonymous said…
Gracias Reverendo, thanks for sharing
SIMON said…
Boaby Digital said…
Finest quality as usual but wherefore art the original Bloody Love Mix Rev?
Reverend Frost said…
Yey thanks'all !
Sorry Boaby, my humble apologies, I was late for the pool that day !
But promise, next time...
Pauline said…

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