Rev. Frost Meets Mr. Monsterhead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boys & Girls & Ghouls & whatever the hell else, tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

'On this perfect day of Halloween 2010, two madmen (known under the pseudos of ‘the infamous Rev.Frost’ for the first, and ‘Mr. Monsterhead’ aka ‘Destroy All Monsters’ aka ‘The Kreature’ aka ‘The Thing’ aka ‘Mr Freeze’ for the second) released and unleashed a free album on this crazy thing they called Internet, just for the guilty pleasure to ‘spread the good word’ – and to f*** about nice Halloween parties too – let’s be honest.
El mondo is loco.'

Yep, it’s a real present, 8 original tracks for freakin’ FREE / NADA (it’s copyrighted though), no seriously it’s free until the end of the year, so that means, if you’re reading this and see no dowload link, boy, you’re too late. No Luck. Muwuwuhahahahahaaaaa.

Oh yeah, it’s free, it’s fun & dark, it’s been hard work too, blood, sweat & tears (no, not the band),
we sincerely do hope you’ll appreciate our little gift !

So here’s your download link –
The Tracks !
The bloody fantastic artwork !
All zipped in a body bag !

(right click etc etc)

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble !

Rev. Frost.


Mike said…
oï rev, thank you! Happy halloween!
Anonymous said…
Sue said…
boy that's what I call a present ;-)
Astounding songs and instrumentals, you guys rock, for good.
hell of a cover too!
a million thanks, my halloween is complete!! Hurrah for the underground !
Monster said…
We Dit IT !!!
Paul said…
Fantastic! thank so much!
Anonymous said…
Love you man :)
Reverend Frost said…
Hey thanks !
A great pleasure to make, a great pleasure to share !
250 downloads in one day ! HOORAY !
Mighty 45 said…
Putain c'est bon!
désolé Rev', c'est sorti tout seul!
Reverend Frost said…
^^ Merci O'mighty !
Tom G said…
What a treat! Thanks so much, a perfect topper to your Halloween mixes! You da man, Rev!
Anonymous said…
I agree with my fellow anonymous : THANK YOU !
Reverend Frost said…
(2nd) thanks !
Anonymous said…
Merci beaucoup dear Reverend !
Et bravo, encore un petit bijou !
Pleasure to share, delighted to hear it !!
Thierry de Nantes
Reverend Frost said…
(3rd) thanks !

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