Sister Wynona Carr !

Hallelujah !
Wynona Carr was born in Cleveland, OH, where she started out as a gospel singer, forming her own five-piece group The Carr Singers around 1945 and touring the Cleveland/Detroit area. Being tipped by The Pilgrim Travelers, who shared a bill with Carr in the late 1940's, Art Rupe signed her to his Specialty label, giving Carr her new stage name "Sister" Wynona Carr (modelled after pioneering gospel singer Sister Rosetta Tharpe) and cutting some twenty sides with her from 1949 to 1954, including a couple of duets with Specialty's biggest gospel star at the time, Brother Joe May.
Although she recorded rarely, Carr nevertheless remained a highly prolific songwriter, composing poetic, topical material often inspired by headlines of the day; she cut dozens of demos for Specialty, and ironically enough earned more money from sales of her sheet music than from her actual recordings.
After successfully touring white nightclubs in 1954 with Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Marie Knight, Carr finally broke her ties with gospel to pursue a career singing R&B; in 1957, she scored with the hit ballad "Should I Ever Love Again," but again fate was against her; at the same time the record was rising on the chart, she was stricken with tuberculosis, and spent the next two years on the sidelines, convalescing at her parents' home. As the 1970s dawned, Carr went into seclusion; her health continued to decline, and she died on May 12, 1976. Damn.

Sister Wynona Carr :
* I Want To Go To Heaven And Rest *
* Dragnet For Jesus *
* The Ball Game *

And oh, remember kids, the devil is everywhere.
Especially in techno music.

Thanks for your time.


Anonymous said…
Yeah! Dragnet for Jesus is a killer !
B. said…
Reverend Frost said…
Always a bloody pleasure to have comments !
Sue said…
Eegah!!! said…
Damn!! Life really is a Ball Game!! Just close your eyes and listen, and you'll see!! I'm throwing Satan a fast ball!!

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