Monday, March 16, 2009

Ray Martin !

Ray Martin (Born 'Raymond Wolfgang Kohn', and later anglicised his name) was a British orchestra leader and was noted for his light music compositions.
Allmusic journalist, Bradley Torreano states "Ray Martin created a legacy for himself in British popular music through his work with his orchestra during the 1950s. In 1957, he emigrated to the U.S.. He composed, arranged, and conducted on recordings for Imperial, but he's best remembered for his albums for RCA. The two bloody fantastic tracks included here are taken from Martin's Dynamica (who is one of the highlights of RCA's Stereo Action series.)
His regular appearances on radio and television kept him in the public spotlight, while his position at EMI Records made him an influential producer at the label. His use of pseudonyms has blurred the path of his career through the years, making his many contributions even harder to keep track of !

Ray Martin & His orchestra :
* The Flight Of The Bumblebee *
* Malaguena *

(This post is for Mr Freeze)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay !

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Anonymous sue said...

great ! me love the bumblebee theme !

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