Hold Me, Squeeze Me, Miss Me !!!


Oh boy....I'm back.
Did you miss me folks, did you, did you?
I feel like Dr. Emmett Brown, really. I think I'm the first time-traveler blogger.
Time-slippin-a-billy y'know.

Hum hum, who cares about another 4 months hiatus?
Oh Sorry.

great to be back (for the 65325th time) !!!!
Everyone's ok?
Anyone for doo-wop?
Frankly, my life has been pretty much Doo-Woply lately.

The Orioles have been called “the first R&B vocal group !” (yeah, like New Kids On The Boll...hum,Block)
Formed in 1947 as the Vibranaires in their hometown of Baltimore, they changed their name to the Orioles (the Maryland state bird) a year later. These five street-corner harmony pioneers imparted a skilled, soulful edge to the standard pop-crooning style of the day, and their appearance marked a shift in popular taste from big bands to small vocal groups.
The Orioles established the basic pattern for the doo-wop sound: wordless, melismatic harmonies surrounding the tenor vocals of Sonny Til (born Earlington Carl Tilghman) and George Nelson’s baritone. Their string of hits included three #1 R&B singles in the late Forties and early Fifties: “It’s Too Soon to Know,” “Tell Me So” and “Crying in the Chapel,” all recorded for the Natural label (later Jubilee).
More on wiki-wiki-wiki-pedia

The Orioles :
* Hold Me, Squeeze Me *
* Crying In The Chapel *

Soon, the legendary Bloody Come-Back Mix !
Lack of time folks, lack of time !
Woo-Hee !


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
welcome home. what took you so long? you do know how much you've been missed, don't you?
Scurvy said…
Now that's what I"M talking 'bout! Welcome back sir! We were about to send the dogs out to find you.
Tom G said…
Having had some recent woes, I sought escape, clicking on my bookmark, thinking, "Maybe, if the Reverend is back, just for a moment, everything will be right in the world."

Thanks for that moment.

Now, on to the woe-slaying!
sue said…
When rev comes marching home!
Ann oDyne said…
In The Still Of The Night ...

The good Revd puts the dang in the dang alang a ding dong.
Reverend Frost said…
nailbox said…
Oh boy...he's back!
tony said…
the rev's back !
I'll be crying in the cha-a-a-pel !
K said…
Ring the bells and tell Mama to come home. The good Reverend is back!
Pierre said…
He's back and he's baaaaaaaad!

Love ya Rev
buzz said…
Let the good times roll!
Anne said…
Welcome back ONCE more!!
Earl said…
Glad to have you back there reverend. Folks were startin' to worry y'all were gone for good. and we love it here you know. get on back to doin' the Lord's work my friend.
Reverend Frost said…
aaaa thanx, btw I thought I was gone for good too ^_^


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