A Bloody Western Mix, Part 4 !!!

Howdy folks !
Yeah, The long awaited new Western Mix is served !
And believe me, this one’s a bloody one !
All together once again : « YEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAA !!!!! »

Rev. Frost Presents…A Bloody Western Mix, Part 4 ! (75 :35)

1. United States Military Academy Band - When Johnny Comes Marching Home
2. Johnny Western - The Gunfighter
3. Tennessee Ernie Ford - The Cry Of The Wild Goose
4. Frankie Laine - Wanted Man
5. Ennio Morricone - La Resa Dei Conti
6. Johnny Horton -The First Train Headin' South
7. Marty Robbins - Ballad Of The Alamo (Thirteen Days Of Glory)
8. Armando Trovaioli - Vai Cowboy Vai
9. Baja Marimba Band - Ghost Riders In The Sky
10. Frankie Laine – Granada
11. Frank Hutchison - Hell Bound Train
12. M. Gigante,A. Nadin,A. Bascerano - Wanted Johnny Texas Main Titles
13. Gene Pitney - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
14. Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys - Ida Red (Live)
15. Cisco Houston - Pat Works On The Railroad
16. Hugo Montenegro - Aces High
17. Johnny Western - Nineteen Men
18. Frankie Laine – Rawhide
19. Ray Conniff - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
20. Calexico - Minas De Cobre
21. Johnny Burnette - Gypsy Magic
22. Bruno Nicolai - Il Volto Nascosto
23. Dock Boggs - Oh Death
24. Buck Griffin – Cochise
25. Leroy Troy - Cumberland Gap
26. Bobby Darin - Jailer Bring Me Water
27. Slim Whitman - I'm Casting My Lasso Towards The Sky
28. Ennio Morricone - Il Mercenario (Ripresa)


Oh and ain't that good news, me mom will be proud of me, I'm now a proud member of the mad family called PCL LINKDUMP !!!
Watch out!


Anonymous said…
ye ha,tally ho,bloddy western mix 4

thanks rev,can't wait to hear this

woof woof (mike)the dalmatian
Till said…
Just discovered this side of the blogosphere and -boy- do i love it. Thanks so much for the commitment!
svartlarsson said…
SIR FROST SIR - I can't tell you just how much this brightens my life. But then again, you probably know that :) THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
great stuff rev have listened to it now

esp.love Ray Conniff - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine, great and jolly track

woooooooooooooooof woooooooof
Johnny Dark said…
You've got this paleneck by the throat!
Kaw said…
mygod, that's a bloody mix indeed.
thnaks for the alamo song!
jean said…
wakeboarder69 said…
Wow---- he's back with a BLOODY Vengeance! I LOVE it!!
billyclex said…
Listening to this now. Great mix sir.
Reverend Frost said…
Yeeeeepe y'all !
Scurvy said…
YES! I love the Western Mixes!

(and the wild instrumental parties)
ElectricFoxtrot said…
Fabulous darlin', as always.

Man, how I miss Frankie Laine, thanx for reminding me how old I am, and oh, yeah, I know what you did!
You're My Big Rock Candy Mountain, you know that! That sounds pretty weird if you don't know what it means! Yeehaawww!!!
phletcher said…
hello, I found your blog by looking for an mp3 of "south american way" by Carmen Miranda, but you posted it almost 2 years ago. The link was dead, of course. Do you think you could maybe post it again, or somehow get me that song? I love it! my email is phletcher@gmail.com
Anonymous said…
Bloody terrific! Thanks so much - I love the Western mixes more than I can say.
Anonymous said…
W-O-W!! This brought back some great Mem-o-rees!! Thanks!
Could you re-post parts 1 & 2?? Huh? Huh? Please!!
Robby said…
I finally got around to listening to this after downloading it quite a while ago.

A toast to you sir! This would be great for a road trip.
Anonymous said…
Great bloody stuff!!
I Heard Part3 some moments before & i couldnt stop dancing with my wooden horse..
could you re-post part 1,2&4 , please Frost?
These Parts are not anymore available.
I need more light like this in my life

With wooden regards from Finland
Anonymous said…
Big Cheeze here, from Dr. Forrest's Cheeze Factory. Came looking for the Western Mixes, alas #4 & #2 have vaporized into the cosmos. Do they exist anywhere?

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