Monday, December 27, 2004

Blowing The Whistle

Don't cry children, Christmas is over...once more. So by request, this is an absolutely non-xmas thing from Korea...(By the way, I play this song nearly every morning!).
Few words about this Lp (I'm lazy today, still recovering from food & drink)
From the backstreet haunts and neon-lit clubs of the Far East comes this collection of '60s Asian pop. And while Japan is deservedly famous for regurgitating modern Western musical traditions, places like Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Korea have also churned out a healthy supply of ditties brimming over with refashioned bubblegum, lounge, Latin, rock, and jazz elements. The 20 cuts here showcase several talented chanteuses from all of these locales, with a bevy of trad/pop hybrids to choose from. On the more traditional end, there's Korea's Chung-Ae Ahn and Japan's Shojijii, who both lightly shade native tonalities with some modern touches. More intriguing, though, are cinematic workouts like the Malaysian-styled Bond theme by Yao Su-Yong, a fuzz guitar and brass romp by Chang Loo, and some recast rhumba, compliments of the Chung Sisters. Add to that a taste of spaghetti Western music, some polka, and a wealth of mod touches, and you have a fine mix for your next global lounge party. ~ By Stephen Cook, All Music Guide

Che-Hong Beck - Blowing The Whistle


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