Monday, November 22, 2004

Belgium Goes Ape !

(Jean Rolle / Guy Dovan)
The Continental Cousins (Belgium) - 1961

Uh ! Uh ! Uh ! Uh !
Kana Kapila , He ! Kana Kapila, Ho !
Aloha Kani Kani Wahiné
Aloha Kani Kani Wahiné
Kaika Mahine
Kaika Mahine

Kana Kapila. Wiki. Wiki. Wiki. Wiki. Wiki.
Kana Kapila. He ! Kana Kapila.
Aloha Kani Kani Wahine
Kaika Mahine
Kana Kapila, Kana Kapila, Kana Kapila !

(This one Goes To El Capitan)

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  • The Continental Cousins - Kana Kapila !

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Kana Kapila is awesome! These guys weren't bad musicians and this I believe was a pretty big hit for them in Europe, what a fun song. I don't care if Cannibal Corpse is your favorite band you can't help but love this goofy little song!

    2:03 AM  

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