Monday, November 29, 2004

Dragster !

Johnny Fortune was already a successful session musician before the surf sound hit. He'd play guitar on Sam Cook's "Chain Gang" and Barbara George's "I Know". In '63, at the age of 16, Johnny recorded the Soul Surfer sessions at Bob Summers' Sound House studio in El Monte, where the Lively Ones also recorded much of their output. The session musicians were Johnny Fortune (Sudetta - guitar, bass), Jim O'Keith - sax, and Joey Sudetta, a mere 10 years old at the time, on drums. Johnny's bandmates John Fisher, who co-wrote many of the tunes, and brothers Vincent Sudetta and George Sudetta did not play on the sessions. Offered a chance to tour England with Johnny Burnette, he had to decline due to his being under eighteen. Johnny's sound is quite unusual within the surf genre. He has a warm and muffled, relatively dry sound with unusual whammy action that sets it apart from the rest, and from the big guitar sound of the Duane Eddy's of the world. Johnny's tunes are melodic and rhythmic, and have a lasting quality about them.

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  • Johnny Fortune - Dragster
  • Friday, November 26, 2004

    Monster Squad !

    No much to say today...

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  • The Poets - Dead
  • Thursday, November 25, 2004

    Anybody Here Wanna Buy My Nuts?

    This song can be found on the CD "Raunchy Business: Hot Nuts & Lollypops" in the Columbia Roots 'n' Blues series, a CD full of "risqué" blues recordings. They were both recorded on March 4, 1936 in Chicago. Hot Nuts !

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  • Lil Johnson - Get 'em From The Peanut Man

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  • Wednesday, November 24, 2004

    Space Girl

    Stupid Rock'n'roll, don't you just love it !

    This wild bootleg collection celebrates all things primitive, sleazy, and lowbrow, taking the art of the compilation to new heights of lunacy. It's more like an elaborate mixtape from your weirdest record collector buddy, the one with too much time on his hands. There's no time to breathe between the tracks, as they're hastily jammed together to save precious seconds for radio spots for assorted dirty drive-in films like Hallucination Generation, The Virgin Witch, and Graveyard Tramps ("We get our hands on every stiff in the joint!"). The main attractions here are the ultra-primitive teenage garage combos, treble-charged adolescent blues blasters that sound like they were recorded in a trash dumpster. The Juveniles tear off a reverb-drenched version of "Bo Diddley" and the Saxons offer up the out of tune but still tuneful "Draggin' Around," but the real monster here is "Go Go Gorilla" by the Shandells, a wild and woolly Sasquatch of a dance number that has appeared on other compilations but is always welcome. If mental illness-themed country & western songs are your bag, there are plenty here, amping up the usual themes of bad women, bad liquor, and hard times with LSD, puppy strangling, and straightjacket confinement. The rest of the disc is crammed with novelty tunes of dubious amusement value, though the Lone Twister's bongo-driven theme song is irresistibly dumb ("Move your torso, even moreso"). The first Wavy Gravy LP wraps up with an obscene come-on for further volumes; a sequel followed, and the CD release consists of tracks from both. ~ Fred Beldin, All Music Guide

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  • The Earthboys - Space Girl
  • Tuesday, November 23, 2004

    You Asked For It ?

    It is no exaggeration to say that the post war history of enka started with Misora Hibari. She was a heroin of a success story as well as a family tragedy. She debuted as an infant genius and at once climbed up to the summit of popularity and became a super star and idol of the whole nation, and kept her popularity till she ended up her no-long life at the end of the 1980s. She continuously produced hits and especially her songs at later period such as "Kanashii sake", "Yawara" and "Kawa no nagare no yo-ni" remain as Enka standard numbers. After death she was honored for her extraordinary achievement with a National Prize.Nobody has ever surpassed her fame and popularity as an enka singer. In the 1950s Shimakura Chiyoko also started her career as singer. She still keeps an honorary place in the annual NHK Kohaku Song Contest televised live in the New Year's eve. To the next generation belong Misawa Akemi and Suizenji Kiyoko. Misawa Akemi was a charming and feminine singer, on the other hand Suizenji Kiyoko had her hair cut shortly and sang march-like lively songs. She often said that her "enka" is in reality "o-en" (rooting) "ka" (song) for life. Aoe Mina was famous for her husky and sexy voice and sung often on the lives of hostesses of nightclubs and bars.
    Interesting, isn't it?

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  • Akemi Misawa - Furure Jyozu Ni Hore Jyozu

  • (This one is for Freeze, naturlich.)

    Monday, November 22, 2004

    Belgium Goes Ape !

    (Jean Rolle / Guy Dovan)
    The Continental Cousins (Belgium) - 1961

    Uh ! Uh ! Uh ! Uh !
    Kana Kapila , He ! Kana Kapila, Ho !
    Aloha Kani Kani Wahiné
    Aloha Kani Kani Wahiné
    Kaika Mahine
    Kaika Mahine

    Kana Kapila. Wiki. Wiki. Wiki. Wiki. Wiki.
    Kana Kapila. He ! Kana Kapila.
    Aloha Kani Kani Wahine
    Kaika Mahine
    Kana Kapila, Kana Kapila, Kana Kapila !

    (This one Goes To El Capitan)

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  • The Continental Cousins - Kana Kapila !
  • Saturday, November 20, 2004

    An Old Cowpoke Went Surfin'

    Takeshi Terauchi started out as a sideman in Jimmy Tokita & the Mountain Playboys, a country & western band. In 1962, he formed his first eleki band, the Bluejeans, with whom he remained until 1966. He then formed a new group, the Bunnys, who recorded the eleki classic "Test Driver." After the Bunnys disbanded in the fall of 1968, Terauchi formed a new version of the Bluejeans, called Takeshi Terauchi & the Bluejeans (to distinguish them from the original Bluejeans, who continued recording and performing after Terauchi's departure, and even opened for the Beatles at their 1966 Japanese concerts). Terauchi's style is very Ventures-influenced, but much faster and more frantic, with a heavy picking style and liberal use of his Mosrite's whammy bar. Later on, Terauchi experimented with adapting flamenco and other western styles (as well as Japanese musical forms such as enka) to eleki, with mixed results. Terauchi is probably Japan's first guitar hero, and he has continued recording and touring through the years with new groups of Bluejeans.

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  • Takeshi Terauchi - Riders In The Sky
  • Friday, November 19, 2004

    Thank God It's Friday

    Jimmy Wages had recorded at least four unreleased sides for Sun in the middle 1950s but little is known of him. His music suggested that, even by Sun's standards, Wages was a rather unorthodox individual. Like several of his Sun confreres, notably Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Wages music has a tortured side. Bizarre, quasi-religious images are mixed with disturbing personal themes. Jimmy's vision of women (conveyed in Miss Pearl and Mad Man) is unsettling to say the least. The conflict between good and evil and ritualized moral judgements are embodied in Take Me (originally titled Garden Of Evil). If anything, Wages' songs are even more revealing than Lewis's since Wages, unlike Jerry Lee, wrote all of his own material. Jimmy Wages is a true musical primitive, his voice, never a trained or precision instrument, is adequate to deliver his often strange lyrics, The musical accompaniment on his recordings is undisciplined and unorthodox, despite the presence of several stalwart session men. The sides project a wild, out of control charm, including a totally out of place steel guitar, The lyrics to Wages songs are often raw, unpolished folk poetry. They are far from commercial pop songs, but are nevertheless quite effective because of the obvious urgency with which he delivers them.

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  • Jimmy Wages - Mad Man

  • Check Out For The Lengedary Raw Deal cover of Madman
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  • Standing At The Crossroads

    Reverend Charlie Jackson fits into a long lineage of gospel performers touched by facets of the Blues. It’s an illustrious family that includes Blind Willie Johnson, Reverend Louis Overstreet and Elder Roma Wilson among a host of others. Each of these men used the simple instrumental tools associated with the oft-considered profane music to galvanize their audiences- whether they were congregations or the record-buying public. Jackson’s early Seventies singles for the Booker and Jackson are collected on God's Got It,the inaugural release on the CaseQuarter label out of Montgomery, Alabama; a imprint initiated to circulate little known rawboned gospel gems from the past, present and future.
    (If you want, you can change "God" by "baby", sounds good too).Have a good day.

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  • Reverend Charlie Jackson - Morning Train

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  • Wednesday, November 17, 2004

    I Mean Bunker Hill (Dave Walker)

    Here's a bloody interesting link
  • Bunker Hill

  • "Red riding hood & the wolf" was the first song I've heard from him that's why, you all lucky bastards (if I may), gonna listen to this burning hot rock ! (And for the record, Phil Collins did not cover that song, Praise The Lord)

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  • Bunker Hill - Red Riding Hood & The Wolf
  • Not Bunker Hill

    Fire Is Good, Fire Is Our Friend

    Well well well, this is the first homemade track I did for this year's Halloween. Did that in 10 minutes to be honest.Dog is chasing you (Dog likes the allyways by the way), Dog is turning into wolf. Scary. Like Phil Collins. Like French singers. Yup, SCARY.

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    For A Few Family More

    Norman Rockwell & Erik Satie. What do you want me to add, dammit !

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  • Erik Satie - 4ème Gnossienne
  • Tuesday, November 16, 2004

    Bride Of The Monster

    Well here it is, one my favorite track from Mr Freeze, the still unknown legendary one man band from France. More bollox than a load of rats as they might say. Enjoy

    Listen To Blood Beast Terror (The Lengedary Mr Freeze) - Ghost Of Frankenstein

    Vampire In Space

    Of course, there's no direct link between vampires and outerspace. Well, maybe Sergio Martino did something about that, I'll check.....

    Listen To Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Space Patrol

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  • Move 'em up , Head' em up !

    A good thought to begin with...

    Listen To The Cramps - Devil Behind That Bush

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