Sunday, September 05, 2010

A Bloody Buttshaker Mix, Part 4 !

Woooheeee !
Hello friends & welcome back, hope you've all had a gooooood summer.
Well, to start this fall on the right foot, here's a new buttshaker mix, yeah baby, time to shake it, baby, shake !
(eerrrr, no, it's not taken from a Beyoncé song, trust me)
Well, turn it to eleven, and as always, take your pants off, and bring the noise yo
(errrrr no, wrong again - anyway, you know what I mean) !
Well, welcome back y'all !!!!!

Rev. Frost Presents...A Bloody Buttshaker Mix, Part IV !
01. Wade Denning – Batman
02. The Versatones - Don't Darling Don't
03. Wayne Cochran - Goin' Back To Miami
04. Mr. C Funck Junction - Hot Butter 'n' All
05. Koko Taylor - Don't Mess With The Messer
06. Nino De Luca - La Ragazza Con La Pistola
07. Sumpin' Else - Baby You're Wrong
08. Lalo Schifrin - Jim on the Move
09. Isley Brothers – Testify
10. The Spiders - Seishun A Go-Go
11. Four Holidays - Grandma Bird
12. John Kerby - Get Hot Or Go Home
13. John Lee Hooker – Money
14. Jimmy Liggins - I Ain't Drunk
15. Vaughn Monroe – Hercules
16. Bull Moose Jackson - Fare Thee Well, Deacon Jones, Fare Thee Well
17. The Chord-R-Notes - Livin' The Life
18. Los Coronas – Alamerde
19. Adam Martin Pick & The Pickers - Yo Yo
20. Al Hirt - Java


Bravo ! Bravo !

Oh Oh Oh by the way, what's next on the program?
Boys, remember, it's my favorite time of the year next month....yeah, you've heard me :
Be ready.

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