Saturday, December 13, 2008

Seasons Rockin' Greetings !!!

Howdy Hooo Hoo Hooooo !!!!

Hello folks, Rev. Frosty the fatman here !

A quick word to y'all to wish you a merry merry Christmas, seasons greetings, you know, the whole thing.
Yup, Frosty is still alive, sorry for the lack of posts or answers to emails, but don't worry, Santa is surfing to town this year again !

Ok, all the Christmas Bloody Mixes are uploaded in the archives (December 2005/2006) via rapidshare, enjoy them a lot !

I'll try to be back on tracks on this very blog next year (Santa please, bring me a new guitar, a flat, all my stuff & lots of expensive red wine)

I do hope you're all ok brohers & sis', good will to all mankind and peace on earth (just kidding).

Kiss Hugh Hugh Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

See you soon my dear friends !!!!

Ho Ho Ho !

Boris Karloff :
* How The Grinch Stole Christmas ! *

Vampira !
Betty Page !
Bo Diddley !
Jody Reynolds !
Jimmy Ford !
Jo Stafford !
Odetta !
Forrest J Ackerman !
My Liver !

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