Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels !

You don’t know Mitch Ryder ?
Well, if you truly want to experience what a great kick-ass band The Detroit Wheels were in their prime and what a skunk-hot singer Mitch Ryder was in his young man days, this is the real deal ! High octane, turbo, high performance, super charged Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels didn't need to hail from the Motor City for those adjectives to be tossed their way, but it was certainly appropriate that they called Motown home. It was Mitch and The Wheels who served as the musical bridge between the Motown soul factory and the high energy, take no prisoners rock 'n' roll that would roar out of Detroit via Iggy & The Stooges, and MC5 !
Ok follow me, step 1, and step 2, and repeat.

Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels - Jenny Take A Ride
Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels - Little Latin Lupe Lu
Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels - Shake A Tail Feather

Monday, November 28, 2005

A Bloody Christmas Mix Part 1 !!!

Ho Ho Ho !
That’s it, it’s christmas time already here in Hell-en-Provence since I received 2 superb goodies from overseas.
A fantastic mix cd by Mr Bigrockcandymountain himself, and the other one (well two actually) from thee mighty Tuwa’s Shanty !
By the way, I love goodies, if you want to send me money, or a record deal that’s good too.

Well, it’s my time to return the favor…here’s the first part of thee bloody Christmas Mixes !
Yup, we’re gonna SURPRISE ! ASTOUND ! SHOCK ! you every Monday with a little Xmas treat….
So enjoy my dear readers! And while you’re downloading it don’t forget to pay a visit to our dear ’Santa’ Lee,check out the good folks at for their excellent work and devotion, the SPLENDID Keith’s Santa & Me, and the always good MAB has some very good songs to provide.
Of course, I forget some of ‘em. (Big Rock, Pcl and all the rest)
Have you ever noticed how bad I am for linking ? Well, what the heck, the best is still to check them out one by one !

Christmas hostilities have just begun Muwuhuhahaha !
(No wait, that was for Halloween….oh what the heck)

Rev Frost Presents…A Bloody Christmas Mix Part 1 (26 :51)
Via Rapidshare

Tracklisting :

1. The Sonics – Santa Claus
2. Soupy Sales – Santa Claus Is Surfin To Town
3. Big Bud - Rock around the Christmas Tree
4. Ike & Tina Turner - Merry Christmas Baby
5. The Ronettes - Sleigh Ride
6. Detroit Junior - Christmas Day
7. The Wailers – Christmas Spirit
8. The Vel Mares - Jingle Bells
9. Elvis Presley - Santa Claus Is Back In Town
10. Reverend Horton Heat - What Child Is This
11. Dean Martin – Silver Bells

Rev Frost presents - A Bloody Christmas Mix Part 1

The Crypt Says HoHoHo

Friday, November 25, 2005

Chased Old Satan Through the Door !

In 1931, at the height of the depression (the american depression, I didn’t mean depeche mode), The Woodie Brothers only sold 864 copies of Their record, but they knew their reward lay in the future: "Now I ran ole Satan Though door/And I´m gonna wear that starry crown over there."
In the spring of 1931, Lawton Woodie heard that Victor was holding sessions in Charlotte, North Carolina, and wrote the company to arrange a recording date. On May 29th, the Woodie Brothers (Lawton & Ephraim) arrived in Charlotte with two songs they had written especially for the occasion. Likes Likker Better than Me, the lament of a whiskey drinker's wife, featured Ephraim's mountain tenor complemented by his brother's rich bass harmonies. Their second selection was called Chased Old Satan Through the Door, a composite that borrowed motifs from several songs, including Satan's A Liar and Shortnin' Bread. Like most musicians from the ‘Lost Provinces’, the Woodies never made music a full time pursuit.
Can I get a yeeeha ?

Woodie Bros - Chased Old Satan Through The Door
Woodie Bros - Likes Likker Better Than Me


Freddy Countryman - The Raven

See you next week !

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bunker Hill !

Welcome back !
Speaking of Link Wray (one more time), my friend Darrell noticed that no one ever talks or writes about Link& Bunker Hill's affiliation.
So here I am, the good reverend preaching the good one more time…damn job !

Well, I’m not gonna write about Mr Dave Walker (Aka Bunker Hill) because the mighty Butcher Pete at
Wang Dang Dula already wrote the ULTIMATE article !
Enjoy !
Oh be careful, these songs can change your life. I mean it.

Bunker Hill With The Raymen - The Girl Can't Dance
Bunker Hill - Hide And Go Seek (Part I)
Bunker Hill - Red Riding Hood And The Wolf

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Wade Curtiss !

Thanx for your comments concerning Wray’s passing (yup, fell free to disagree with me – not too much though ^^)
The good folks at PCL did a terrific job (go check all the links from Gerb to Lee), not to forget Dc Rock&Roll and Jim’ Show.

Oh by the way, if you’re in drinkin’ mood (and I know you are), go say hi to Chris ! (Splendid work)

Well, back in business !

Somebody asked me (well, beg is the word) to repost Wade Curtiss, and you all know that I’m a nice guy, so here it is :
WADE CURRRRRTIS !!!!!!(aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

Spending his entire life in a wheelchair with his hands and arms severely deformed, Curtiss taught himself to play rock & roll on a converted steel guitar and formed his first band, The Rhythm Rockers, in the late '50s. Forming a partnership with part-time wrestler-singer Dixie Dee, the two released a spate of rockin' singles on various labels and solidly worked the Buffalo, New York area, establishing themselves as one of the top bands there. But in one of the stranger turns in rock & roll history, Wade took his show business acumen and reinvented himself as Dr. Master Curtiss, an "evil" wrestling manager.

By the way, ‘Brang’ & ‘Real cool’ were recorded under ‘Ted Russell And The Rhythm Rockers’ (in case you wanna know)

Wade Curtiss & His Rhythm Rockers - Puddy Cat
Wade Curtiss & His Rhythm Rockers - Real Cool
Wade Curtiss & His Rhythm Rockers - Brang

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Link Wray 1929-2005

Breaking news folks.

You know I don’t work sundays but it’s a sad day.

Sad sad sad day.

I’ve said in March that if a direct line from a black blues musician crankin' up his amp and playing with a ton of violence and aggression can be traced to a young, white guy doing a mutated form of same, the line points straight to Link Wray, no contest.
Damn I was right.
Mr Wray passed away at the age of 76 in Copehagen where he lived since 1983.
'Though rock historians always like to draw a nice, clean line between the distorted electric guitar work that fuels early blues records to the late-'60s Hendrix-Clapton-Beck-Page-Townshend mob, with no stops in between, a quick spin of any of the sides Link recorded during his golden decade punches holes in that theory right quick.'
Well, I’ve learned guitar all by myself – with a little help from Mr Wray's records. I WANTED THAT SOUND AND THAT FEELING (Yeah something you will never understand you all Steve Vai fans)
Armed with a 1953 Gibson Les Paul, a dinky Premier amp, an Elvis sneer and a black leather jacket, Link Wray was my hero. Simple .


If I could go back in time and see one concert it would be Link Wray and His Raymen
-Neil Young

Link Wray And The Raymen - Rumble
Link Wray And The Raymen - The Black Widow
Link Wray And The Raymen - The Law Of The Jungle
Link Wray And The Raymen - The Shadow Knows
Link Wray With Robert Gordon - The Way I Walk

Mystery Action - Raw-Hide
The Milshakes - Run Chicken Run
Hellbenders - The Outlaw

The legendary Dj Wild Pascal & Mr Wray

Friday, November 18, 2005

Goodbye Blues !

First of all: MERCI/THANK YOU/DANKE SCHÖN/MOLTE GRAZIE/GRACIAS/OBRIGADO/BEDANKT for your comments, emails, proposals etc… !!!!

Oh d’you remember ‘Boot Hill’ by Sly Williams posted last month ?
Well, here’s the real Jesse Allen !
"Goodbye Blues" and "Let’s Party" contain the same great surging guitar work and crying vocals as "I Believe" and "Boot Hill", with a strong flavor of Guitar Slim, no doubt due to the fact that Allen and Slim were both centred around the New Orleans area (Slim was born in Mississippi but always had a New Orleans inflection in his vocals). The instrumental lineup (guitar, bass, drums, sax) and the tone on these 2 Allen titles suggest that "Boot Hill" and "I Believe in a Woman" were recorded around the same time.
Anyway, enjooooooooooooy.

Jesse Allen - Goodbye Blues

Jesse Allen - Let's Party


Paul Evans - Happy Go Lucky Me

Roll in ze Hay?

See you next week !

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Spread The Good Year !

South of Hell, 11.16.2005,

My dear readers,

That’s it, 365 days. Damn, 365 days of blogging (hate the word ‘blogging’ by the way).
Gee, I started this lil’ thing to…..errr, well, I still don’t know why actually.
Ah yeah I remember now, I did start this site because of other blogs ! All the sites you can see on yer right are THEE mighty inspiration. I mean it folks.
Anyway, this year has been sooo great (I mean the site, not my personal life, that’s another story).
So no big words but I just want to thank all you readers and the good folks all around the ‘blogosphere’ – heck, what an awful word again.
Anyway...I hope you dig these holy tunes, and that you’ll stick around for the next year !
Hello, I’m reverend Frost and I’m here to spread the good word.
Gna Gna Gna.

All the best and thanks again,

PS: Dont be sad but I’m going to slow down things a bit ; 2-3-4 posts a week from now on. (no, not 234 posts a week)

PS II : To celebrate, here’s the first song posted on this blog, plus me me me me, plus a song by the fendermen (it’s always good) and the monty holy python’s top from ‘Life of Brian’. (Call me Loretta)

PS III : The Holy-Bloody-Christmas-Mixes are on the way !

The Cramps - Devil Behind That Bush

Rev Frost - Sweet Love On My Mind

The Fendermen - Don't You Just Know It

Monty Python - Look On The Bright Side Of Life

South Of Hell, The Crypt

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

High Noon !

I’m not really into modern or neo-rockabilly but I really dig this Texas Rockabilly Trio, High Noon !
Comprising of Shaun Young (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Sean Mencher (Lead Guitar/Vocals) and Kevin Smith (Upright Bass/Vocals), these cats provide a splendid 1950s style Rockabilly (performed to perfection believe me).
Ok Follow me for I am the light, the homepage’s here, the records are here and here.

High Noon - Glory Bound

High Noon - Crazy Fever

Monday, November 14, 2005

Il Profeta !

Hello y’all !
Something swell to start this cold and rainy week, this is the soundtrack of the movie we’ve watched last night actually…

Il Profeta (AKA: Mr. Kinky/The Prophet) released in 1968 is one of many 'hippy' inspired comedies that littered those uninhibited days of yore and the main theme 'Titoli' is just what you might expect, a swinging piece of pop fluff with fashionable (for the time) brass flourishes!
Well my dear friends, I’ll write something up later on Armando Trovaioli (a special post I think ‘cos he deserves it).

Anyway, pour a gin-martini & enjoy !

Armando Trovaioli - Il Profeta (Titoli)

Armando Trovaioli - Il Profeta (Party Mood)

Friday, November 11, 2005

Titus Turner !

Born in Atlanta, GA, in 1933, Turner made his recorded debut for OKeh in 1951, in all recording nine singles for the label including "Got So Much Trouble." None made much commercial impact, however, so he moved to Mercury's Wing imprint, where chart success continued to elude him;
in 1955, however, Little Willie John scored a major hit with Turner's "All Around the World," later covered by Little Milton under the title "Grits Ain't Groceries." He died in 1984.

Titus Turner - All Around The World

Titus Turner - Bow Wow (Life Ain't Nothing)


Bobby Page & The Riff Raffs - Hippy-Ti-Yo

Have a good weekend !

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Nobody But Me !

According to rock critic Dave Marsh, this is the most negative song ever recorded in literal terms. The word "no" appears 100 times and "nobody" gets sung 46 times.
(Interesting don’t you think ?)
This killer was originally recorded in 1962 by the Isley Brothers, who wrote it in the studio. The Human Beinz were a bar band from Ohio. This was their only hit.

Anyway, nobody can do the Shing-a-ling like I do.

The Isley Brothers - Nobody But Me

Human Beinz - Nobody But Me

What? A Thursday Bonus?

The Kaisers - Nobody But Me

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Versatones !

The Versatones...Bila...1958...One of the weirdest doo wop record ever made?
You judge.

The Versatones - Bila

The Versatones - Tight Skirt Tight Sweater

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Jesse Fuller !

Equipped with a bandful of instruments operated by various parts of his anatomy, Bay Area-legend Jesse Fuller was a folk-music favorite in the '50s and '60s.
His infectious rhythm and gentle charm graced old folk tunes, spirituals, and blues alike. One of his inventions was a homemade, foot-operated instrument called the "footdella" or "fotdella." Naturally, Fuller never needed other accompanists to back his one-man show.
Jesse's musical career didn't properly begin unitl the early '50s, when he decided to become a professional musician -- he was 55 years old at the time. Performing as a one-man band, he began to get spots on local television shows and nightclubs. However, Fuller's career didn't take off until 1954, when he land a record contract with the independent Cavalier label and in 1955, he recorded his first album, Folk Blues: Working on the Railroad with Jesse Fuller.
The albums was a success and soon he was making records for a variety of labels, including Good Time Jazz and Prestige. Fuller continued performing and recording until his death in 1976.

Jesse Fuller - Runnin' Wild

Jesse Fuller - Take It Slow And Easy

Monday, November 07, 2005

Oo Ma Liddi !

I saw my RAMA LAMA DING DONG last night and told her OOH WEE BABY Would you like to HO-HUM-DEEDLE-DUM then GIDDY-UP AND DING-DONG with me ?
She said HOLY MACKEREL and BABYSHA-BOOM BANG, sure I really want to WANG DANG DULA, I really dig your JIG-GA-LEE-GA !
Oh by the way, this STIKI DE BOOM BOOM killer is from 1959.

JJ Jackson & The Jackaels - Oo-Ma-Liddi

JJ Jackson & The Jackaels - Come See Me

Friday, November 04, 2005

Jimmy Ford !

Something fresh to end this « post-halloween-week-blues », here’s a splendid broken hearted song by Jimmy Ford released in 1959 and its excellent b-side !

Jimmy Ford - Don't Hang Around Me Anymore

Jimmy Ford - You're Gonna Be Sorry

The Return Of The Legendary Friday Bonus !

The Rock-A-Bouts - She's A Fat Girl
Dedicated to my neighbour

See you on monday folks !

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Outsiders !

Known as The 'Dutch' Outsiders (to save confusion with the U.S. group of the same name), from 1965-1969 The Outsiders ruled the R&B/Psych beat roost, a big hit in Europe & equally in the U.S. where they sold 2 million records.
Excellent stuff !

The Outsiders - Happyville

The Outsiders - Misfit

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bertha Lou !

Mission Control…Johnny Faire…Stop...Real name Johnny Faircloth…Stop...Born in Dallas, Texas…Stop...he later recorded under the name Donnie Brooks…Stop...Bertha Lou…Stop...Bertha Lou…Stop.

Johnny Faire - Bertha Lou

Johnny Faire - I Feel For Your Line Baby

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Reverend Louis Overstreet !

This is raw,
this is no background music,
this is the spirit of rough gospel music,
this is Rev. Louis Overstreet !

Rev Louis Overstreet - Yeah Lord! Jesus Is Able

Rev Louis Overstreet - I'm Working On a Building

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